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Young Nerd crossdresser masturbates while smelling her feet


This young crossdresser has a morbid fetish with being smelling her feet while she masturbates, and she shows it to us in this recording she has made for her boyfriend, in order to give him a very hot surprise. In this video the gtirl appears dressed like a nerd, of course without wearing underwear, just a pair of black stockings that make her look very sensual. After giving a good aspiration to the tips of her fingers, we see in her face a total excitement, so she begins to pull her fully erect cock with great intensity, all this while continuing to inhale the aroma of her beautiful feet. However, it seems that this is not enough to satisfy her sexual desire, so the pantyhose is removed taking the foot to the height of the face, and we see how she begins to suck her own fingers as if they were small dicks.