Thai teen ends up being seduced by her American English teacher


Being an English teacher I have always had the responsibility of teaching and guiding young people, but I confess that Thai girls always make me nervous, because I am a fervent lover of Asian porn. That’s why when a new teenager named Pooh came to my study room, I was scared because I was afraid she was going to do something I could regret.
When I introduced her to the group she told us that she was 18 years old, and that she had just arrived from Thailand to study English in America. At the end of the class and when everyone had left, she approached me and asked me the favor of giving her a tour of the city, and I accepted.
We went for something to eat and I invited her to my house so that we could review what was seen in class, of course my intentions were different. While us at home, she began to tell me that she liked older Americans like me, I took it as a sign to get close and to strip her clothes. Without realizing it, I already had her half naked in my living room, touching her little nipples. Everything was going great until she down her pink panties and then a penis jumped between her legs.