My Trans Wife Receives Me in Bikini, waiting for I fuck her


After a long day of work, all I thought was to get to my house and ask my trans wife to give me a massage, when I enter the door with my briefcase in my hand, I find my girl in a black bikini super sexy; In spite of how tired I was, I knew it was time to play and spend a good time with my beloved.

She took me by the hand and we went up the stairs to our room, once there, she stripped my clothes and left me in shorts. I throw myself to the bed and she rubbed my back with her hands greased with oil, giving me the massage I wanted so much, only instead of falling asleep, she caused my dick to wake up, so I turned over on my back, lowering my boxer, letting out the “beast” so that my transsexual woman could devour it with love. While she was sucking my dick like it was a yummy palette of ice, was touching her own penis.

Then I put her on her back with her legs on my shoulders and I slowly started to insert my penis inside her tight ass.