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My neighbor asked me to help her move her furniture but she just wanted to seduce me


I swear that I have no idea if the person who moved to the apartment opposite is male or female, I only know that looks young and effeminate. On one occasion I went to the store for a pack of cigarettes I came across this person, and spoke to me in a very feminine voice telling me that she needed a man who could help her move her furniture, the truth was I accepted only because I did not know how to say no. I told her that I would pass to her department to help her.
When I went the door was open by a girl with tails and green underwear, it turns out that it was the person who I had promised to help, if it was a woman, that made me feel better and more because you could tell that she wanted me to do something more than moving furniture. In fact, as soon as I asked her what it was that she needed me to move, she told me not to worry that we would see that later, that we would go to the couch to talk. Once she sat down on her couch, she told me she was a closet transvestite, and I thought what the hell.