My girlfriend does not clean the house and I had to give her a good lesson


I was tired of back from work and finding my wife lying on the couch watching television without having cleaned the house, not having prepared anything to eat; that’s why this time I would come and give her the lesson she deserves.

I went in and again I saw her lying there wasting time watching Tv shows, it bothered me a lot and I went to where she was and I began to complain that she did not do anything in the house, did not wash dishes, etc. For my misfortune she is too manipulative, and instead of understanding my complaints, she took my arm and told me that if she gave me a blowjob to calm me down; that only made me more angry, but she kept pulling me by the arm and because she was wearing only a sexy thong and a yellow shirt, ended up convincing me that we were going to fuck. Only this time I would be in charge of punishing her as she deserves. So when she brought my dick to her mouth, I pushed my cock to the bottom of her deep throat, I had to let her know that I was the one in charge. Then I put her on four legs and penetrated her by grabbing her hair so she could not defend herself.