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I was looking for easy sex and I ended up meeting a crossdresser who claimed to be a virgin


Having gone through a very unpleasant situation for being meeting transvestites in Facebook groups, I swear I would not go again looking for easy sex with unknown people. However, I received a friend request from one Kinky Jay; I accepted her only because in her photos she looked like a very nice transsexual girl, with white skin and brown hair.
We started talking in Messenger, and then one thing led to the other, and after chatting for a couple of days, we decided it was time to meet and maybe have a casual meeting. She told me that I could visit her at home on Friday afternoon, since her parents would leave the city and she would be alone. The truth is that for a moment I hesitated to do it because of the experience I had, but I was so horny that I ended up going to this young crossdresser’s place. The hot slut opened the door for me in underwear, wearing a white brassier and garters that made her look very sexy; we barely crossed words when we began touching ourselves. I was stripping her little by little, until I was able to suck her cock, then she sucked me off. When I was going to fuck her I noticed that my dick entered her anus very easily and she had told me that she was a virgin.