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I pretended to be penetrate to a Black Tgirl but she ends up to fuck me


My problem when it comes to recording a video with a black shemale is that they almost always like to be inter or active, and after you fuck them they want to fuck you too, as happened to me yesterday with Natasha.
Before beginning, I explained to her what we would do and how the plot of the scene would unfold. Everything started very horny, she and I kissed passionately. I must admit that she gets into her role and acts as if she were your girlfriend, pleasing you with the fantasies or sexual positions that you ask. We went very well, after giving me a blowjob, I put her on a chair and penetrated her, holding her hands behind her back so that she could not defend herself against my thrusts.
After she having felt the power of my cock, wanted to mount it, then I lay down and she started riding my dick while I grabbed her buttocks, she used her ass to satisfy me. I thought that this would end up with me throwing my cum in her mouth, but suddenly she told me that if I gave her oral sex, which I agreed, but she put her fingers in my anus, that’s when I knew she would end up getting fucked by this ebony tgirl.