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I fucked Two Teen Trannies Dressed as an Angel and a Devil


I was returning to my hotel room when I made a call to my friend Mike, to tell him that Las Vegas was a great place, and that my wife was in the spa doing her nails or receiving a massage, but I also told him that I had a great dilemma: a woman with big tits offered sex to me in the casino, she even gave me her cell phone number. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I hung up my dude, and as I turned to see who it was, it turned out to be a teen shemale dressed as a very sexy devil in her underwear; She told me that I knew I wanted to fuck that woman, referring to the girl who gave me her number, reminding me of the huge breasts she had and the incredible pair of buttocks that she had. I sighed because deep down I knew it was true. Then a transsexual angel appeared to my right telling me that I would think of my wife Karen that I loved her and she loved me.

When I was about to make the decision not to go after the busty, the devil made me lie on the bed and she began to suck my dick, while the angelical young lady watched with temptation of join us. And finally she did it, she also sucked me and I ended up fucking the pair of teen trannies in the ass, while they kissed like a good pair of lesbians.