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Ecuadorian businessman calls an Transsexual escort to fulfill his fantasies


Carlos is an important Ecuadorian businessman, who has been fantasizing for a long time about having a sexual encounter with a transsexual. After having a hard day’s work in the office, he decides to arm himself with courage and goes to a luxury motel. Already relaxed and in a robe, he takes his cell phone and calls a shemale escort he has seen before in an internet advertisement. She does not take long to arrive, and without losing time, they go to bed, where she lowers her dress showing her tits, as well as her cock, which is already erected, so he starts to masturbate her with his hand, is evident in the face of the guy that is totally excited to be in front of a tremendous goddess of pleasure. After having an erotic previous game, they go to a 69 very horny, in where the two both sucks their dicks, the one to the other.