Visiting Japan, I hired a Cute Newhalf who had a Hot Body


Every time I visit Japan I do not miss the opportunity to be with some cute newhalf in the area, this time was no exception and after searching the internet I found a girl called Sofie who looked very pretty and with a very hot body, I called her and after agree on the price for allowing me to record our sexual meeting, she was to come to the hotel where I was staying.
After half an hour she appeared in a very erotic mesh suit, ready to give me a great night of pleasure. It does not take long to put her on doggy style and skewer her with my cock without putting me a condom, because she had shown me her last exams where appeared clean, besides I was too hot. While I was fucking her, I used one hand to record and the other to stimulate her little penis, to which she responded with a very sexy moan. By having her face down I could see the big tattoo that covered her back and how her backside was shaped like an inverted heart. Then we changed positions she got up on top of me, giving me good shakes that had my cock very hard; I finally put my cock in her mouth and she masturbated.