Black Coach Fucks Capitan Cheerleader to give her a Lesson


It has never been easy to be the coach of the cheerleaders, either because of the conflicts that arise between them or because I have to resist seeing those juicy asses and not being able to fuck any of them.
Jessica is the best cheerleader of the team, however she can be very rebellious, believing that she is the one who makes the decisions, that’s why I quoted her in my house to talk to her and make her understand that I am the one who decides how things are done, I knew I would have to speak loudly and even punish her, and what better than subduing and fucking her to let her know that I am the boss.
When she got my home, she started telling me what was the reason for making her come, but I interrupted her and started to kiss her, I thought she would resist but she did not, it was then that I realized that she was the bitch who I was thought. I got her up on my bed and lifted her skirt to eat her pussy, and when I went to take off her pantyhose I found that she had dick and balls; now everything made sense, rightly she answered me with so many balls.
I knew that the only way to educate her would be to fuck her in the ass, breaking her anus and she would become my slave; I did with her what I wanted, penetrated her in many positions while making her moan.